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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crowning Gory

All US Presidents have one thing in common- Wives with identically insufferable hairstyles. ALL of them invariably have a bob! I present to you, a study of fibrous growth of have-been First ladies. 

Betty ford. Not a strand out of place eh? Rumor has it that it’s actually barbed wire painted brown.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘cannot harm a hair’ 

Mr. Roosevelt spent almost 4 terms in the Oval Office to escape wifey’s oval orifice to avoid the risk of catching a glimpse of her mop. 

To go with the hair, if you have a stupid gleeful expression that only hubby dubby can match, we're talking about the famous simpletons Laural and Hardy! 

And guess what their kids are called? Bush babies, of course!

Mrs. Reagan’s taste in hairstyles is not close to hers in husbands. 

Aging gracefully apart, if you couldn’t tell from the mirror itself, Mrs. Barbara Bush, your name was enough clue! 

Oh, if you manage to camouflage your hair AND skin with the wall paint, hubby dearest gets an extra term in office!

And whoever said Change has Come, was, well, lying!

If any of the above nest-heads is your mum/girlfriend/uncle, I’m extremely sorry. No shots at my hair will be entertained. 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh my Gauche!

Math exam tomorrow, but I don’t believe in studying for it; I declare myself matheist. 

You could plant some of my recent posts in place of the script of Radha ki betiyaan kuch kar dikhayengi, blow your fringe upwards, and nobody would be able to tell.

But I'm back; back to being as irritated as somebody who's had to listen to Sandeep Khosla talk. You HAVE to listen to him! If you do not clutch your hair like it has rubber grips and wrench it apart before he’s 3 sentences into talking, I’ll personally pray to God you’re exempted from 'Which Dostana Character are you' Requests on Facebook.

I have to change my URL. Not so much because it’s lame as much as because I don’t want it discovered by people who’d turn permanently paraplegic if they chanced upon it.

)Yes, I can play goody girl to perfection(.*

Oh if You read this, please remember you're an insensitive BITCH. And I hope the tiny plastic covering at the end of your shoelace comes out when you most want to wear your converse. BITCH. :)

And please leave comments about what the Kisses chocolates remind you of. I need reassuring that I’m normal. 

*Oh, that’s anti-parent-heses 

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The time turner way

I intended to write a post today, but the deviously planned exams make sure I cant afford even a half hour. But I'll edit this post after my exams, and it'll be dated today all the same. HAH. 
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