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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The curse of the xoxo

Man is a social being. Update to the 2.0 version now: Man is a social networking being. What's also a given is that everybody can do with a hug. Some would say a kiss is an even better cheer-me-upper. Now I don't have anything against hugs/kisses. Heck, my Orkut profile says I'm even turned on by "public displays of affection". What does bother me is the fact that I have an entrance exam to write in 3 days (If you bought that, I'm also selling flying carpets). The ubiquitous 'xoxo's on Facebook are what bother me. It's not like everytime someone signs off with the aforementioned string of characters, a greyhound is set loose on me, but I don't have anything else to blog about either.
I've had my issues with >:D< and :-* too. The latter would sow in your head seeds of doubt that the person who typed it was actually Sharad Pawar in disguise (y'know, him and :-* both with not-centrally-placed mouths?).
Anyway, then came along the muahh scourge. It is borderline understandable if your face-to-face actions corresponded to your facebook-to-facebook ones. But appending a muahh/mwaah when you wouldn't have done it ordinarily if you were with the person, is just not acceptable. I'd overlook that too, if not for the next generation hugs&kisses. It just baffles and bedafafaffles me! Firstly, there's never a single hug and kiss. I've searched and searched in vain for just an xo. But it's always an xoxo. Secondly, it's always alternatively placed. Two hugs or kisses aren't ever given together. So if you're really bored, and are imagining the sequence, you're guaranteed some laughter.
Sometimes I lapse deep into thought, phasing out from the rest of the mundane world, and I wonder if a lower case 'o' is a tighter hug and whether an upper case 'X' means a sloppier kiss.
Well, it's not gonna be long before your notifications say 'XYZ has commented on a photo of you with an xoxo' or 'XYZ has written on your wall an xoxo'. The day, dear reader, is not far away. Until then, unpredictable as I am, XOXO!


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Saturday, April 18, 2009

While the genial mood persists...

There are two kinds of people in the world- The ones you like and the ones you don't understand :-)


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Friday, April 17, 2009


Not often enough to breed un-remarkability, some events leave you jolted. And when they happen, you're staggering for a rubber grip. Some things, you expect to be free from alteration. Like the sexiness of Hugh is taken for Granted. Like remembering the Alphabet. The impact, when you are dislodged from your comfort couch is stupendous. It makes you... blog.
With a build-up like that, I owe you a good storey.
It begins of course, at the place I've been spending the last 4 months in- good ol' room, where I was passionately badmouthing the Egyptians for a practice they've diffused. Have no doubts, Mummy expletives were included. When I then got down to observing that blastid tradition; that most painful obligation to society- more famous as showering, I... knob was for hot water, and which one for cold! I might have worn a left shoe on the right foot and vice versa. I might have not been able to tell the difference between elastic and inelastic collision. I might have mistaken a Lamb of God song for Akon's. But THIS, dear reader, is different. Grudgingly notwithstanding, I have been religious in bathing daily. For years!
I could tell you how much the knobs should each be rotated to get a cozy lukewarm. In degrees AND radians, goddammit. But that day, that cursed day, the basic distinction was forgot. How. HOW.

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