Too much of a good thing

Sunday, June 7, 2009


After days of cribbing and generally locking myself up in my crib [If I were you (and thank heavens I’m not) I’d haha here], I’ve decided I’m going to adopt Barney’s principle of ‘Whenever I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead’. Only, I’m going to involve you guys in the exercise. So every time you sense that I’m not at my chirpiest best, you will all pretend I’m insanely awesome.
The sentence cue you will be sampling now is: Fuck you.
So that’s settled.

Today saw the last straw fall for a lot of things. Among others, my morbid fear of dogs got the better of me (and you thought there was NO room for improvement and I’m the pinnacle of awesome? Oh well). So this tall black dog, creatively named Lambu (I bet it’s middle name is Blacky), was running around nearby, where M and I were talking. It was fresh in M’s memory, the day my nails sunk into her arms when randomguy walked his Doberman a 40 meters away. Now, the most natural thing to do (almost as natural as doing an MBA after your engineering; irrespective of what your interest/field of work etc is) would be to er protect me from the dog. Common sense prevailed and she blocked Lambu by standing in front of him, while I stood in front of her. The 3 body system that we were, rotated for a bit. And then M must’ve had a lapse of memory, humanity and whatnot and being the ass that she is, spread her legs (nope, I will not give you her number). Lambu leapt at me, growling and clawing at my front, springing to tear me apart from limb to limb. M might claim he just wriggled slowly from under her, but I'm the awesome one here. Aaaand… sigh..

I cried

That’s right. My tears made their first ever public appearance.
If the story has already traveled to you, and you called up to ridicule me about it, wait till I get a boyfriend with a Boston Dane!

P.S. My new favorite-thing-to-say is 'Oh well'. Ohwell ohwell ohwell ohwell ohwell


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