Too much of a good thing

Thursday, December 31, 2009

With a blue rinse

Because when gradualism stuck its tongue out at you, you were unaware that you were infact spoilt for choice. Whether your seat in the stands is something you should thank for or blame for, is again perspective.

Because a someone's smile has medicinal properties and because crossbones isn't persuasive enough to dissuade you. Because dreams are only so much useful as a cradlesong for a stillborn; because walkovers are rare, and there's confusion ensuing where they commission an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Reason frowns with arms akimbo, but you ignore it like a friend you're embarrassed to be seen with. Excesses are committed and compliments withdrawn. And because some stacks of papers are too thick to staple, and you're so old- or so old to know storks didn't bring you home. The decisions are waitlisted. That dinky one and that life-altering one and that one about the cellphone model.

Will you redraw the lines on your face and wear yet another look of disgruntled or will you throw in your favorite hat?

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